This program helps us to fulfil our very objective of making each and every one of you aware about the 'importance of soft skills'. The main of motto is to 'aware them, develop them'. Constant visits and interactions help the students to understand where they lack, and what really they need to learn as far as soft skills are concerned. Awareness programs are one way to know the prevailing problems of personal development amongst the youth and solve it by making the youth aware.
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Awareness Drives
A team out to a place, with a few words to speak and a simple idea to spread, 'know your flaws, build yourself with us'. We conduct awareness drives under Conscientia on a regular basis at our blossoming hubs (Colleges) and nurseries (schools) to constantly remind  them of ' importance of learning soft skills'. Our members act as change makers, persuaders, who educate young minds about soft skills and its very need.
Surveys on Soft skill needs
 Core team acts as a bunch of investigators and conduct surveys in colleges amongst hundreds of students to know their issues, queries, problems, struggles with stage fear, image consciousness et cetera. 
Surveys on soft skills help our organisations to understand the common prevailing problems of the youth that can be solved through enhancement of their soft skills. It acts as a base to enumerate events and workshops that can serve the interests of a common mass. 
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