Archon has expanded as a family of blossoming hubs and nurseries and has created various chapters around the country. The chapters are closely interlinked through our activities, workshops  and seminars focusing on lateral thinking, public speaking, group discussions and many more. We have covered extremely diverse demographics ranging from 13 to 60 year olds who come from various walks of life. Our network regulates across Delhi, Bihar, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab.

Our chapters serve as the building blocks of the organisation's network connecting all the dots to ensure expansive awareness of soft skills. 

Delhi NCR

Delhi NCR being the first and the base chapter of our organisation, it embarks our engagement with diverse demographics. Its impact being spread across a range including students to young professionals, entrepreneurs from various backgrounds. We started the base chapter by  raising awareness amongst the youth regarding Soft skills and it's importance in day-to-day life. The chapter was further expanded through surveys on problems faced by the youth when it comes to soft skills, and how to get away with it. Coworking spaces in Delhi NCR as well as schools and colleges were a huge part of the organisation's network and reach. This chapter marks the milestone in terms of the mere commencement of the awareness of soft skills & personal development across Delhi NCR.


Himachal Pradesh

Beautiful town of Parwanoo, Solan are the parts of Archon's Himachal Pradesh chapter. Archon's this chapter proves to be impactful through the awareness raised on urban social issues amongst young minds. The chapter successfully spreads a word for issues like Special child rights, importance of non-mainstream courses and  Non- violence. Theses issues cater to the increased sensitivity and understanding amongst the youth at the nooks and corner of Himachal through our organisation. We look forward to develop the chapter and the impact to a larger strata in the future. 



Roorkee being our centre point in Archon's Uttarakhand chapter encloses a series of events facilitating awareness regarding critical social issues faced by the youth. This chapter discusses problems to create an impact on the issues of Mental health amongst the youth, and the increasing toll of Narcotics on the young generation. The chapter successfully establishes a sense of awareness amongst the budding generation itself. This was done by their involvement on such topics. We started the chapter with awareness on social issues like Cyberbullying and awareness of soft skills.


Archon has been active in Patna, Bihar. This chapter witnesses programmes to eradicate stage fear. It further causes to spread a word for the importance of Soft skills and Personal development amongst the budding generation. The main focus was to inculcate open discussions amongst the youth on their future goals and inspirations. It infuses the importance of presentation with creativity and lateral thinking amongst the vast variety of students. We look forward to write more in our Bihar chapter in future.



Archon wrote it’s Assam chapter at Numaligarh, Assam. Firstly, making the students understand about the real life scenarios of leadership and the problems to be solved attached to it are a few agendas resulting in a change in the target youth's thought process in this chapter. The chapter establishes interactions through our structured modules of Group discussions, public speaking & Interpersonal communication . We plan to add and work more towards the development of the chapter in future. 


Archon wrote their Punjab chapter at Chandigarh. Awareness regarding the importance of soft skills initiated the chapter in Chandigarh. Further, the chapter creates a major impact with awareness on social issues like Male Chauvinism. This chapter results in discussions and ploughing opinions of the youth against Male Chauvinism. Leadership, problem solving and lateral thinking are the deep rooted skills developed amongst the youth across this chapter.

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh serves as one of the chapters to Archon, Meerut being the centre point there, serves as the activism ground as its history for our organisation. This chapter encloses the social activists, environmental activists, and other influencers. They through this chapter impart their knowledge to the youth regarding environment and its sustainable development. Social welfare, Sustainable development, lateral thinking and interpersonal communication stand as the pillars of the chapter. 



Archon wrote its Haryana chapter in the town of Palwal. The chapter was initiated with creating social awareness amongst the youth with discussions on their local problems. Spreading social awareness and solving these problems through youth-driven creative initiatives remain focal points of the chapter. The chapter also works towards empowering youth through entrepreneurial activities. Development of soft skills through innovation, initiative taking, and lateral thinking amongst youth remain important pillars of the chapter. 
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