These are our quick online reads to give an informative sneek peak into the lives of various leaders and interesting quotes from various people in the fields of leadership. Columns under this section are posted by our amazing team members after a lot of research at a regular basis, to keep all the learning members connected with the idea of soft skills and personal development. 

Fruits Of Wisdom

Fruits of wisdom also known as FOW is the column under this section that specialises in quotes of different leaders in different fields around the globe. It is updated regularly on our social media portal since it is the most convenient medium to connect to the youth. Everyday scrolling through their newsfeed, when reading these columns, it brings a sense of motivation in them. Hence, enhancing their course of learning of soft skills. 

Know Your Leader

This e-column showcases beautiful excerpts from speeches of unusual and unknown leaders from the nooks and corners of the world. It celebrates the unique leadership style of different leaders in different ideas. We try to express and spread the idea that 'every leader is unique in her own way'. We bring these leaders to the notice of our learning readers to motivate them and believe in themselves. Know your leader pushes you close to the charismatic world of leaders. We ensure great articles to come your way every week through social media under the column of Know your leader. 


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