The building blocks of Archon are its various interesting events. What makes us stand out in the field of Personal development is our way of inculcating the change for improvement in youth. Our events makes the boring Lecture work classes about soft skills, an interesting step by step game like experience. One not only develops soft skills, but develops a social group and relieves stress. 
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From Entrepreneurship based and effective communication events to group discussions and lateral thinking, it covers all. A large demographics interact with each other in our events. Professionals and younger students forms a mix demographics.It constitutes of different ideas, different backgrounds and different age groups. Discussions, disagreements, conclusions exhibit an image of varied culture, different opinions and alternative interpretations to the topics or issues discussed. We enclose different outlooks by engaging students of different universities coming from the fields of law, engineering, commerce and arts. They bring the influence of their subjects to our discussions giving an overall experience to everyone. 

Blossoming Hubs

Colleges are our 'Blossoming Hubs'. Students with no or little experience with soft skills are the budding parts of our organisation.  Through workshops on Effective Communication, Group Discussions, lateral thinking, speaker sessions in these colleges, we ensure an overall development of the beginners. We conduct regular awareness drives with our team members in our hubs' campuses to spread awareness about the importance of soft skills. Informational sections on our online portal namely, 'Fruits of Wisdom' and 'Know your Leader' keep them connected to the outer world of soft skills. This constantly inspires and motivates them.  

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Like little nurseries are our schools, with immense raw potential and little age. This is our hub to the young school students who learn the first step towards soft skills.  A different pattern of events for school students of the age group of 10-17 years involves lateral thinking and Effective communication workshops.

We have conducted events in schools of AssamBihar and Himachal Pradesh.

Circulation of our e-paper 'Confucius' having a subscription of 3500+ amongst hundreds of school students to share knowledge, information and thoughts about Leadership, self development and much more...

Under the Sun

Not scared of getting our skins tanned, we believe in developing soft skills beyond the four walls of a room. 
We believe in making our members street smart by engaging them in outdoor fun events on soft skills which requires both physical and mental involvement of each one of them. It develops lateral thinking to a great extent in the participants. A basket full of materials and situations are given to students, and they are asked to use these materials to solve a problem or achieve a target in the outdoor set up. Under the sun brainstorming events helps participants to understand when and how the soft skills learnt are to be used. It helps students to develop their brainstorming and problem solving abilities.
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Panel Talks

Panel talks refer to a talking session in which a group of people are gathered together to discuss an issue, often to provide feedback on something, to brainstorm solutions to a problem.
We organise various panel talks on current issues in various different fields. Various professors of reputed colleges participate in our panel  to give feedbacks on topic of discussion related to economics, commerce et cetera. We invite MBA professionals to give lecture sessions on importance of soft skills. This helps the aspiring students to develop concrete and technical knowledge to be used in future.