Our working members form the foundation of our organisation. Archon believes in making this foundation stronger by following a humanitarian approach. We strive to mark a developing organisation by ensuring our working members's growth in all respects.

Working members of different departments come together to execute wonderful events, workshops and activities. They create a learning experience for themselves and the other members too. 

Archon with a bundle full of members is a Learning organisation. 

Systems Thinking

Departments namely Research, Content, Networking and Technical are interrelated with each other. Our members in different departments work on the interrelationships. We comprehend these systems as a whole and produce new ideas. 

Personal Mastery

Human knot, Paper plane bond are some of the activities in which our core team learns to master their inner selves to give a rocking performance outside. 

Shared Vision

Archon follows the shared vision of all its members. It creates a pool of cool ideas coming from hundreds of members of various backgrounds and hence making our organisation one of its kind. 

Mental Models

Preparing mental models in the organisation in order to develop the very ability to reflect in and on actions.

It's not always abouttrying to fix somethingthat's broken. (2)

Team Learning

We work, eat and grow as a team. 

Archon believes in learning and achieving together. Hence, we believe in doing brainstorming activities and improving soft skills qualities together.

 Bonding Events

We organise various fun activities for our working members in order to break the monotony of working patterns. 

Activities like human knot and paper plane bond helps our working members to a great extent to ensure overall growth and build their personality in the course of their work duration. 

It also helps them in ensuring better bonding and work culture in the organisation. 


Enhancement of skills through continuous participation 

Various events, workshops, activities organised by us also witness participation not only by the normal members but also by the working members. 

Working members contribute immensely in organising the activities, executing them and also participating in the same.  Both organising and participating gives them the opportunity to gain the best of both the worlds. It helps them learn their flaws and overcome these in their next venture.

Celebrations and Milestones

Reaching the mark of 1000 members 

On March 19th, 2016, We successfully completed an amazing count of 1000 members and the fraternity celebrated it with all its working members by having a small ball and cutting cake to enclose the beautiful achievement as a cherished memory.

Completion of 25 events 

Archon had completed 25 events as its silver jubilee. The Archon family got a reason to celebrate the same as we reached this pedestal after crossing all the hurdles.