All my love, Mark

"A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people." -- Fanklin D. Roosevelt

Archon is going green keeping in mind the present-day environmental concerns. In today’s world where urban jungles spread by the day and green-cover is shrinking, the usage and wastage of paper adds to the pressure on our ever-shrinking green-cover. Following our organisational vision of contributing towards development of a better world, Archon has started to go digital and thus do its bit for a greener world.

The entire internal operations of Archon have gone digital where we use numerous online and offline platforms for our day-to-work work. It’s not just our internal operations that have gone digital, but our application processes as well. The entire application process, right from filling the e-form to various stages of the selection process, happens directly over digital platforms and does not use any paper.

Confucius, Archon’s leadership paper, is a unique initiative that has garnered positive results. The paper, an online publication, unlike conventional publications, is both eco-friendly and user-friendly as the user can read it anytime with just a few taps. The paper has over 3,500 subscriptions that continue to grow by the day.
We are also encouraging the use of digital means in our activities and minimising the use of paper. We seek to reuse and recycle whatever little paper is used in our activities and are working towards going completely digital and paperless within a year.

Archon has further partnered with Green Care Society, a non-governmental not-for-profit organisation based out of Meerut, to collaborate on environmental projects. The organisation has in past conducted plantation drives with Green Care Society and continues to support all sorts of green initiatives to build a greener and a better world.

Our vision for future:

Archon envisages to completely go green within a year where all of our working, from internal operations to organising events and activities round the year, happen digitally. Through this, we aim to reduce the load on our ever-shrinking green-cover. With the increased usage of digital means in our events and activities, we also seek to promote digital literacy amongst our target groups. The organisation shall further imbibe environmental concerns as an integral part of values addressed in our events and activities and shall work towards to make our target groups more environmentally aware.