Through our various initiatives we create awareness about importance of soft skills amongst youth. We aim to inculcate a habit of continuous development and turn our members into leaders for the future. Soft skills education and enhancement events and workshops, Let's Go Global, Awareness Programs, E-inspirational columns are the initiatives being run by Archon.

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The building blocks of Archon are its various interesting events. What makes us stand out in the field of Personal development is our way of inculcating the change for improvement in youth. Our events makes the boring Lecture work classes about soft skills, an interesting step by step game like experience. One not only develops soft skills, but develops a social group and relieves stress. 

Project Prerna

Project Prerna considerably widens our sphere of work. Not just it widens our work, it also breaks through limitations of conventional classroom learning. Through Project Prerna, Archon aims at reaching out to people from various walks of life that face numerous challenges such as substance abuse and social neglect. As part of Project Prerna, Archon has partnered with Chetna – an NGO which works with children of economically weaker sections of the society who face such issues. We aim to touch their lives through our unique programs which take learning to their natural environment and make it a way of life.


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Leadership Trip

Archon in January 2017 embarked a new journey through the much awaited 'Leadership Trip'. The trip took place across 4 states namely Uttar PradeshPunjabHaryanaHimachal Pradesh & Uttarakhand. We conducted 6 events in 4 different cities i.e Meerut, Roorkee, Parwanoo, Chandigarh. The trip experienced a wide and varied demographics in the country to aware people about Soft skills and Personal development.

Let's Go Global

This whole new project focuses upon leadership anecdotes from around the world from places like the USA, London, Dubai or even Dharawi of Mumbai, how about north campus of Delhi University too? From anywhere to everywhere. A plethora of stories focusing upon the very essence of leadership qualities inherited by the people and finally leading them to success.


Awareness Program

This program helps us to fulfil our very objective of making each and every one of you aware about the 'importance of soft skills'. The main of motto is to 'aware them, develop them'. Constant visits and interactions help the students to understand where they lack, and what really they need to learn as far as soft skills are concerned. Awareness programs are one way to know the prevailing problems of personal development amongst the youth and solve it by making the youth aware.

E-Inspirational Columns
 These are our quick online reads to give an informative sneak peak into the lives of various leaders and interesting quotes from various people in the fields of leadership. Columns under this section are posted by our amazing team members after a lot of research at a regular basis, to keep all the learning members connected with the idea of soft skills and personal development.