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Archon presents Let’s Go Global!

Archon is a collective effort of eradicating ‘under’ from under confident and making each and every body enriched when it comes to soft skills.

Archon is a 1200+ student run organisation that has been catering the importance of soft skills and leadership development pan Delhi University and various schools. We have organised  24 events in a span of an year. Interacting with kids, popping up new ideas, go getter spirit inculcated to the roots and no hesitation when it comes to approaching a stranger and striking a meaningful conversation, Archon has done it all in terms of changes to be witnessed.

We ensured a beautiful change indeed!

Releasing the manacles of confined borders to our soaring high ideas, Archon has taken a brand new initiative of going GLOBAL.

What’s the purpose? 

Purpose being knowing the leadership stories around the world!
How it would be like to sit in a place and get inspired by a story of someone who has made it large in his/her own way through his/her leadership skills around the world.

It could be a chai waala from a place like Chandni Chowk, who is well educated but still finds satisfaction in his little job and motivates people in general for no job is big or small, hence satisfaction is a major factor too.


It could be a man from the IT sector who had made it big inspite of studying from a Hindi medium school and struggling in English initially. While now he gives presentations like a pro being the VP of the company he works in.
Interesting!, isn’t it?


From Uttarakhand to the USA,
We connect our project from the similar essence of the stories fetched, listened to, felt and understood.

Archon takes this initiative to bring about a change in the field of leadership and glorifying the importance of Soft skills. We listen to inspiring stories and relate mostly to the sentimental dimension being put forward; but we ought to glorify the importance of soft skills and the very nature of go getters rising in a similar pattern around the sphere. We wish to bring about a change and link every corner of the world to boost up the go getters by giving them a platform, and readers to enjoy and learn the importance of soft skills and the art of going and getting your place like you ever wished to do!

We welcome both the sides aboard!

So let’s just fasten our seat belts and let the flight go global and make numerous uncountable stops.
We wish to map a global era of leadership examples set by covering the anecdotes of our nearby knowns and unknowns and then slowly and gradually increasing the set field and going global.

Our Audience

Let’s go Global focuses upon audiences irrespective of age and occupation. Yes, but there is certainly a peculiar trait to our audience. They wish to become the go getters and take keen interest in the very topic of importance of soft skills. We focus on hidden leadership stories in the day-to-day lives of ordinary people. Be it me, you or the local fruit vendor near you.

Your Contribution

A Picture and a Story, that's it. 

Choose a cool location nearby.

Take a picture with our poster.

Share your extraordinary story through your picture with us by mailing us. 

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