Abhinav Kumar

ABHINAV KUMAR: Working at Bain and Company

‘The best part about Archon is that not only does it provide an excellent platform to develop your various soft skills, it also lets you meet and get along with like minded people who contribute to a nice circle of people conducive for a healthy lifestyle, both professional and personal. I am currently working with Bain and Company and I am grateful for my experience at Archon that enriched me with skills and experiences which guide me in life’s many journeys.’

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SRISHTI MINZ: Pursuing MBA from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA)

Archon has a very unique approach to addressing the issue of developing soft skills by organising events that are close to real life scenarios. The events I attended were really fun and at the same time informative and enriching. It provided a great space to learn, grow and build a network and created a great impact on my life.


ROHIT PATEL: Student at IIT, Roorkee

‘I believe that when Swami Vivekananda asked for hundred people make a strong India, I am pretty sure that he was betting on hundred leaders because leaders are the ones who take the nation ahead and that is why leadership development is so essential today. I have been personally engaged in various leadership activities at IIT, Roorkee and participating in events organised by Archon was a refreshing experience. Archon is definitely a great step in the direction to provide life changing experiences to our budding leaders. I hope that Archon continue to provide more people such impactful experiences through their events. I wish the organisation great success!’


Kartikaye Sharma

KARTIKAYE SHARMA: Student at University of California, San Diego

‘I was an undergraduate student at Hansraj College, University of Delhi when I joined Archon. I am presently doing my masters in finance from University of California, San Diego on scholarship and journey from the lanes of North Campus, University of Delhi to California has been long and Archon made a difference. My association with Archon not only improved my confidence and public speaking but also groomed my creativity and critical thinking which eventually helped me secure my scholarship of University of California and was a great help in writing my Statements of Purpose.’


SIDHI SIDHMUKH: Student at Delhi School of Economics and Winner of Campus Princess 2017-18

You become what you believe. It’s really our choices that show what we truly are far from our abilities. There is much more to choice making than just picking out the best alternative. It is a holistic integration of your conscious, subconscious, physical quotient, body language and thoughts which, put together is your personality. Having to do my undergrad in economics from Lady Shri Ram College, DU and my choice of pursuing masters in economics course from Delhi School of Economics, I understand the depth of these words in its truest form. I am really glad that we have groups like Archon where the importance of these soft skills are taught, not only does it help us on the professional front, it helps us to connect with our inner selves better. I see it as a primitive stage of human existence, where we were just supposed to be social animals and the only set of skills that we really required were the soft skills. I’d like to thank  Archon for its workshop and sessions that are truly bring out your hidden characteristics to shine in the world. The sessions on communication positive attitude, flexibility, courtesy, professionalism, integrity and teamwork are really interesting and to an extent life changing.


VANI SOOD: Student at Punjab University

‘I am an undergraduate student at University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Punjab University. I have worked with Saarthi, a non-governmental organisation, in collaboration with Archon. Archon provides great opportunities to learn and grow and develop both as an individual and a team member. It provides a conducive environment through their activities and programs to learn and grow on daily basis which inculcates skills not just essential in our professional lives but our personal lives as well, leading to a harmonious everyday life.’

Sanal Kumar Jaiswal


Do you know how it feels to have this constant feeling of not being good enough? You’d know me if you understand that feeling. That was me at one point of time. I always thought that I lacked in some qualities. That was before the odyssey with Archon. The year I spent with the organisation was transforming. Today, after all this time, I can truly credit my successful moments such as getting into IIM, Ahmedabad and being placed into KPMG to the skills I learned and developed at Archon. Thanks to their innovative fun-filled activities, I am now way better at public speaking, critical thinking, and working out creative solutions to situations I get in many spheres of my personal and professional lives.’

Kaushik (assam)

KAUSHIK PATWARI: Student at DPS, Numaligarh, Assam

‘Everybody talks about creativity and innovations these days and while there is a lot talking, there are not many platforms to actually explore these fields. I got an opportunity to explore these fields when Archon organised an event at my school last year, Invent a Product. Students were asked to create a product which was 50% real and 50% out of our imagination within the stipulated time. We were also supposed to come up with plans to sell the product. The activity provided an excellent platform to explore one’s creative and innovative side and stimulate critical thinking at the same time. And as the activity was a group activity, it was a great platform to learn while working with the others. Such events are a great boost to students with entrepreneurial ambitions. I am grateful to Archon for that experience and look forward to more such activities.’


KANISHK DUA: Working at Genpact Enterprise Risk Consulting LLP

I have been working with special Olympics for more than a year now and coaching these special kids is indeed quite special. I firmly believe that you need to connect with people through one thing or the other to help any person, I have connected myself with them through football, however I have not limited myself only as a football coach but I have also been friendly to them, which has made them grow and well I won’t deny I have myself learnt a lot many things from them.  This is my way of giving back to the society and I believe there is nothing better than connecting through sports. Going on the same lines, however with a different approach, Archon has been doing a tremendous job of giving to the society by helping under privileged or who are denied of things which are common to us. I believe Archon is doing a fantabulous job and I can only see it growing bigger and better in helping and connecting to all the people in need.


SHUBAM BAJAJ: Pursuing MBA from Kings College

I have been an Archon member since it's very inception in the year 2015. I have seen myself grow, develop and learn through various initiatives and project of Archon. I have had the opportunity of also being part of the Leadership Trip organised by Archon in 4 states of India. It made me explore different parts of the society in the Northern India. Archon is doing a great job and I am really excited to explore future avenues with Archon.