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“To succeed in your mission, you need single minded devotion to your goal.” - Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam

Aim and Scope

Mission 29 is Archon’s vision for interlinking the 29 states by conducting events covering varied personal development and societal skills and hence impacting the lives of youth in these 29 states of the country by 2020. It will help the nation to have an interactive, interrelated hub of 29 states sharing their views and ideas through the unified goal of their personal development, the common platform being our organisation.

With a consolidated India, we aspire to interact both with developed and developing countries. Hence, making an enormous social impact, we aim at making an integrated planet in the near future with our efforts towards bringing an effective social change for youth.

Archon’s Mission 29 runs along successfully with its other projects like a string that attaches different cities, states with our varied projects together. From the eastern India, with states like Bihar to the state of Assam in north-eastern India, Mission 29 is an example of an extravagant and a cultural celebration of education.

The objective is to seek a strong connection of all 29 states of India into a consolidated network with new ways catered to the youth to exhibit great interest in the unconventional ways of education and fun learning.

Our Interconnected Members

From Guwahati to Jhansi, we cover a large scale of demographics. Our members hail from Punjab, Kerala, Assam, Bihar, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and various other states, each adding a piece in the mosaic. They bring ideas and diversity to the organisation.

Interconnected members share ideas, cultures, experiences and create a diverse bundle of talent and camaraderie. Like a mosaic, these 29 states will amalgamate,  as our members hail from different states and authenticity. We hence strive to build a  sustainable model of personal development throughout the country.

Our Impact

From the foothills of Shimla to the townships in Assam, Archon has touched the lives of students and youth from the smallest of places in the country. What is it like to express yourselves, what is it like to stand fearlessly and speak; the family of Archon has made it possible from the sole vision of Mission 29.

Archon has expanded as a family of colleges, institutions  and nurseries and has created various chapters around the country. The chapters are closely interlinked through our activities, workshops  and seminars focusing on lateral thinking, public speaking, group discussions and many more. We have covered extremely diverse demographics ranging from 13 to 26  year olds who come from various walks of life. Our network regulates across Delhi, Bihar, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab.


Our chapters serve as the building blocks of the organisation's network connecting all the dots to ensure expansive awareness of soft skills.

Delhi NCR: Delhi NCR being the first and the base chapter of our organisation, it embarks our engagement with diverse demographics being the mosaic. Its impact being spread across a range including students to young professionals, entrepreneurs from various backgrounds. We started the base chapter and started by  raising awareness amongst the youth regarding Soft skills and its importance in day-to-day life. The chapter was further expanded through surveys on problems faced by the youth when it comes to soft skills, and how to get away with it.

Himachal Pradesh: Beautiful town of Parwanoo, Solan are the parts of Archon's Himachal Pradesh. The chapter successfully spreads a word for issues like Special child rights, importance of non-mainstream courses and  Non- violence. Theses issues cater to the increased sensitivity and understanding amongst the youth.

Uttarakhand: This chapter discusses problems to create an impact on the issues of Mental health amongst the youth, and the increasing toll of Narcotics on the young generation. We started the chapter with awareness on social issues like Cyberbullying and awareness of soft skills.

Bihar: This chapter witnesses programmes to eradicate stage fear. The main focus was to inculcate open discussions amongst the youth on their future goals and inspirations. It infuses the importance of presentation with creativity and lateral thinking amongst the vast variety of students.

Assam: Archon wrote its  Assam chapter in Numaligarh. The chapter establishes interactions through our structured modules of Group discussions, public speaking & Interpersonal communication .

Punjab: Archon wrote their Punjab chapter at Chandigarh. This chapter results in discussions and ploughing opinions of the youth against Male Chauvinism. Leadership, problem solving and lateral thinking are the deep rooted skills developed amongst the youth across this chapter.

Uttar Pradesh: Meerut and Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh serves as the chapters of Archon. Social welfare, Sustainable development, lateral thinking and interpersonal communication stand as the pillars of the chapter. 

Haryana: Archon wrote its Haryana chapter in the town of Palwal. The chapter was initiated with creating social awareness amongst the youth with discussions on their local problems. Development of soft skills through innovation, initiative taking, and lateral thinking amongst youth remain important pillars of the chapter of Haryana.

Let’s Go Global

Let’s Go Global is a significant catalyst in Archon’s way of achieving its vision of Mission 29. Through Indian stories that comes from different demographics of the country, it covers an array of states within. Let’s go global is the flag bearer of the diversity in leadership. It exhibits as to how leadership dwells at the most unexpected places in the country and in peculiar situations.

Mission 29 stands as transparent adhesive to the foundation of the organisation as it holds all the cities and the impact created by Archon therein together. It is a vision that brings about the soul of the organisation, i.e. to create a consolidated India of personally developed and competent youth.