Project Prerna (LOGO)

‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service of others."

                                                                                - Mahatma Gandhi

Beyond the conventions, Archon is reaching out to grass-root levels of our society far from our classrooms. We have partnered with various centres which works with children of economically weaker sections of the society, in efforts to reach out to people from various walks of life and cater to their soft skills development. Through these partnerships, we shall reach out to our societal roots and make a difference in the lives of these lesser privileged groups. We believe that our work should contribute to better social integration of these sections as once empowered, they should be able to improve their standards of living and get out of the various issues that they face because of lack of guidance.

Lexicon translates ‘Prerna’ to ‘inspiration’ and that is the aim of the project – to inspire people to learn and grow. We aim to reach out to our target groups in a manner which stimulates them to explore and develop various aspects of their personality subconsciously, resulting in a gradual personal development. Rather than conventional bounds of classroom learning, we tend to take the process out in their natural environment where learning is not a chore but a routine, a way of life. Since our diverse target groups comprise of people who face numerous challenges, we shall aim through our programs to enable them to identify their untapped potential and channelise it into a productive manner.

Project Prerna shall cater to its aims through three programs targeting specific demographics:

Deepak (Age Group 6 to 12 years): 

This is the phase of one’s life where they prepare the foundation to start their life’s journey and as the name suggests, our program shall aim at igniting these young souls. We plan to engage with this age group in a manner, far from classrooms in their own natural environment, that makes learning a way of life rather than an activity. This shall make a firm base for their holistic growth when they enter adolescence.

Kishore (Age Groups 13 to 17 years): 

India has the largest share of world’s youth and this age group is at its core. However, a large number of children from this age group face the challenge of substance abuse and this poses a great challenge to the growth and development of these children. Substance abuse not only hinders their holistic growth but also impairs their chances of leading a normal life. Our program aims at empowering these adolescents with a conducive environment where they get to explore and harness their potential rather than letting it go by because of their addictions.

Stambh (Age Groups 18 and above):

As the name of the program suggests, this age group has the potential to be the strongest pillar of the society as it is supposed to be brimming with the energy of youth. As with the other groups, a large number of young adults from this group face numerous challenges and as they have been facing these challenges for many years, it is imperative that we address their issues. It is in this phase of life that one gets on the path which defines them and we aim to engage with the group in a manner which drives them to take a productive path in their lives and empower them to seek their financial, emotional, and psychological independence.

At Archon, we believe that conventional methodology has its limitations and Project Prerna tends to break these limitations. The new project shall be an important milestone in the organisation’s functioning where we shall diversify our target groups and cater to the soft skills development of those sections of the society whose potential is largely left untapped.