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Pratham Sawant  

Founder and President

It all started with a vision of a first year college student to make a difference in the lives of youth, to give them the power of leadership and personal development in education. Pratham Sawant founded Archon Leadership Consortium in 2015 with a vision of touching the lives of India's youth, and bringing out the leaders within them.

Pursuing his LL.B degree from Faculty of Law, University of Delhi,  Pratham Sawant aspires to empower the masses through legal awareness and safeguard people’s right through legal activism. He also takes keen interest in the cultural activities of the university and has been appointed as the Cultural President of Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) (2017-18).


Shivani Roy Vice President

Shivani has been an ardent advocate for witnessing a change. She
wishes to write fiction, and cover real life stories. Archon has been an
integral part of not only her college life, but her journey as an outstation
student in Delhi. Have been associated with Archon since its inception in 2015, she feels at home with the consortium.

She aspires to be a journalist, with her socio-political interests strong as
her black bindi on her forehead. It’’s always fun to disagree with her. As
a little food blogger in the town, her hobby of going around ‘Dilli’,
blogging and gulping down delicacies hasn’t stopped.


Kartikaye Sharma International Cordinator

Masters Student at University of California, San Diego, USA.


Bhoomi Singh Secretary

Bhoomi thinks of Archon as her rejuvenation system. She has
been an orator in her school as she still loves to host events for
Archon. Her hobbies include creating boards on Pinterest and
DIYing her own clothes. Her sense of fashion and compassion
to serve the society through Archon, makes her stand out in the

Archon brings to her, a continuous source of creative ideas,
happiness and a strong path to serve the youth. She aspires to
be a Beauty and fashion vlogger, and an MBA graduate at the
same time.


Lakshita Satija Head of HR

With an aim of creating harmony among people, both at her workplace
and in the world, Lakshita is dedicated towards Archon. She aspires to
inculcate soft skills, especially teamwork among the students.

A dancer at heart, she things the best way to relieve stress is to shake it
off and take life as it comes. Pursuing her B.A. in economics, she wants
to be in a managerial role in a multinational company, creating the best
version of herself with her zeal and passion.


Shivani Nagpal Head of Project Prerna

Hailing from the city of Agra, Shivani never anticipated that she will be
taking care of a project that will inspire her deeply. The contrast of
working with street children suffering from substance abuse and aspiring to be an MBA graduate in HR, Archon helped her in becoming a versatile and empathetic individual.

A big fan of thriller fiction, Dan Brown is her favourite author of all times. Aspiring to bring a change in the recruitment process of multinational companies in the future, she aims for meeting new people and gaining experiences everyday.


Puneet Sehgal Coordinator of Project Prerna

Studying in Delhi University made Puneet create a deep interest in
Politics. He strives to serve the less fortunate and giving back to the
society in his own way.. Being the coordinator of Project Prerna, Puneet
is able to work closely with the street children and work for their

His interest for Archon and social work in general has been growing
since then. He is not only a Gazal lover, but writes and reads shayaris in
his leisure time.


Diksha Dahiya Head of Content

Ever since her school days, Diksha have been fascinated by the art of
story telling and writing. With Let’s go Global, she is able to capture real
stories of leaders around us, of ordinary yet powerful individuals. Being
the creative person she is, finding such inspiring stories and making
them reach a thousand people through the project.

She aspires to be a strong, independent and empathetic individual. She
believes that everyone has a role to play in the development of the
society. She loves to read and watch sitcoms.


Nilaxi Sinha Head of Promotions

Coming from a very conservative background, getting associated with Archon as an intern made Nilaxi come out of her shell. It developed her public speaking skills extensively. She now intends on reaching out to students like herself with the same. She believes that a little push can do wonders!

Aspiring to become a playback singer, Nilaxi is currently pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Commerce and simultaneously collaborating with fellow singers and building an online base. Binge watching and sketching would be her favourite leisure activities.


Parnika Singh Head of Events and Activities

Since childhood, the poor level of education bothered her a lot. Being
associated with Archon, she is able to spread the word of education to
the masses.

Pursuing her B.A. degree in economics from Delhi University, she
aspires her to use her education to become a significant cause for
accelerating the growth of social indicators worldwide. Other than this,
Parnika loves travelling with her father. When she is not seeking
beautiful muses to click pictures for her love for photography, she
engages herself with children to help them learn and grow.


Anand Ohri Head of Events and Activities

Pursuing his B.Tech from Indraprastha University, Anand Ohri joined
Archon as an intern and he has been a part of Archon since then. A
foodie at heart, he loves to participate and work in cultural activities both in Archon and in his university.

He aspires to become an IT personnel, as he wishes to polish his management skills. He strongly believes that it's a one's choices that defines him, not his abilities, and strives forward accepting that everyone's equal.